Oh Happy Dirt! Soil Blends

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We're happy to provide high quality soil mixes from Oh Happy Plants at Seeds & Steeze. If there are different plants you need soil for, please let us know and we will gladly work to accommodate. Read more to learn more about what they offer in their soil blends:

"Oh Happy Dirt is our line of hand-blended potting mixes that are created to suit different plants’ needs.  Not all soils are created equal!

Here’s how we measure up:

  • We practice sustainability: our blends start with coco coir and coco chips, a renewable resource. We do not use non-renewable peat moss.
  • Due to concerns about fluoride, we don't use perlite.
  • We use compostable bags and labels for our retail products.
  • We know that whole ingredients are better for all of us – plants included! We use real ingredients like alfalfa meal, flax seed meal, and rock dust to ensure balance for your plants.
  • We also include charcoal and humates to encourage healthy root growth.

Above all, we take the work out of re-potting plants. By choosing Oh Happy Dirt you are giving your plants the highest-quality substrate on the market, without the guesswork of creating a recipe that’s responsive to each species’ needs.

Tropical Climber: for monstera, hoya, pothos, climbing philodendrons, and other climbing tropicals

Rainforest Floor: for anthurium, syngonium, spathiphyllum, alocasia, bird of paradise, and other ground-dwelling tropicals

Tropical Succulent: created for the sanseviera in a sunny window

'Pray for Us': for marantas, calatheas, ctenanthes, stromanthes
Generous quart package fills several 4" pots or at least one 6" pot."